Postdoctoral Scholars and Visitors

Pediatrics Student Services

The Department of Pediatrics is an exciting, diverse and brilliant research community with Scholars from around the world. If you are interested in becoming a Scholar in the Department of Pediatrics, please directly contact the faculty member with whom you wish to work. You may also want to visit the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs open positions page.

Appointment Types:

VSR: Visiting Student Researcher
Students who: have not yet obtained a Ph.D. (or its foreign equivalent), or who are not recognized experts in their fields, are invited to work with a Pediatrics faculty member on mutually beneficial projects. **Students can be appointment on a monthly basis.

PD: Postdoctoral Scholar
"Students" who have obtained a Ph.D. within the last 3 years; are invited to work with a Pediatrics faculty member (5 years max)

VS: Visiting Scholar
An individual visiting from an outside institution or organization; must have a doctoral degree or be a recognized expert in his or her field; and the source of salary funding for the individual must not be Stanford University; are invited to work with a Pediatrics faculty on mutually beneficial projects.

RA: Graduate Student Research Assistantships
Graduate Student Research Assistantships are a form of student employment, earning a compensation package including both salary and tuition allowance (TAL) for the performance of research services to the University as part of the student’s academic and professional training and development.


For Administrators:

Useful Links:

OPA Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
I'Center Bechtel International Center
Payroll (I-9, Taxes)
Worklife Office

David B. Lewis, MD (left), Professor of Pediatrics (Immunology and Allergy), and research associate Wenwei Tu, M.D., PhD, use protein molecules, called MCH tetramers, to monitor how B and T cells of the immune system respond to the influenza virus.