Clinical Research

Our clinical research translates laboratory breakthroughs into therapies and our physicians are involved in a variety of clinical research protocols directly aimed at improving treatment options and outcomes for our pediatric patients. For example, clinical research conducted by our faulty has led to better treatment for premature infants with lung disease, improved outcomes for childhood cancer, and has advanced non-surgical therapy for problems that used to require open heart operations. 

We also have faculty members working in the areas of outcomes research and health services research with the goal of improving health care by helping us to better understand the strengths and limitations of current therapies and how they may best be applied. Researchers in our department have formed one of the very few units in the country dedicated to pediatric health services research and have conducted studies that have helped to shape health care policy at the state and national level. 

The Department of Pediatrics' clinical research is integrated within the School of Medicine's CTSA and is led by Dr. Gary Shaw, Associate Chair Clinical Research, and members of the Department's Research Advisory Committee. More detail is available below and at Research by Division and Labs.

As a toddler, Ryan Tamayoshi received experimental treatment at the Children's Hospital for acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a relatively rare form of cancer. Today, five-year-old Ryan's cancer is in remission.