Medical Student Training

Preclinical instruction includes early clinical experiences to those students who seek an opportunity to correlate preclinical coursework with clinical problems. In addition, a limited number of predoctoral research fellowships are available in the departmental laboratories. The investigative interests of individual members of the department range from studies of cell differentiation to chronic disease in children.

Clinical Instruction consists of the core Pediatrics clerkship, Pediatrics 300A, and more than a dozen specialty elective clerkships. The core clerkship (300A) involves clinical experience at Packard Children's Hospital and the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.

The Department of Pediatrics co-teaches Pediatrics 205 (a major preclinical required course in Laboratory Medicine-Hematology) and Pediatrics 282 , "Pregnancy, Birth, Infancy and Childhood", where preclinical students are paired with expectant mothers and follows them through the pregnancy and birth.

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